Vader Ethics

With all the hoopla surrounding the new Star Wars trilogy, I’ve fallen back into an old habit that once came quite naturally: navigating towering expectations and crackpot speculation about the future of the galaxy far, far away …

Of Gods and Men

The other night, I finally watched Of Gods and Men (Des hommes et des dieux) – a French film based on the true story of seven Trappist monks who lived in the Algerian mountains in 1996, when religious violence was overtaking the country.

Merry Christmas

When I was growing up, the “Christmas spirit” meant something very specific to me. Sure, I believed in Santa like most kids, but that part of the holiday was never the source of my enchantment with it; when I learned that St. Nick was really my parents (gasp!), I didn’t feel any real sense of loss.

Muse – The 2nd Law

The first Muse song I ever heard was a little ditty called Stockholm Syndrome. It was 2003. My oldest brother Mike (a pretty awesome musician in his own right) gets due credit for making me sit down and listen to his latest discovery; I don’t think he realized how much it would stick.

Enjoy the Silence

I have a bad habit of judging the success of a day on how much I’m able to accomplish in it. Wasting time has always been a deep-seated fear of mine, but lately it’s caused me a lot more grief than usual – I think because I’m much more conscious of the fact that I’m getting older.